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A series of projects executed during my time at the University of North Texas. The array of projects shown were created with and without classmates in my cohort and feature: publication design, case studies, campaigns and website/product redesigns.

User-Experience / User-Interface Design Handbooks

A series of pamphlets that teach you the unbreakable laws of User-interface  and User-experience design from the point of view of a design student made for design students.

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Sui-Cura Self-Care Case Study

Sui-cura aims to help guide users’ to live a life filled with PURPOSE, understand the IMPORTANCE of mental health awareness and their own individual NEEDS (self-care), aid users’ in MASTERING their mind and CONTROL their thought patterns, and to help spread EMPATHY towards themselves, as well as others.


Texas Suicide Prevention

This tool-kit provides UNT CARE, or other university mental health teams assists schools and universities in designing and implementing strategies to prevent suicide and promote behavioral health. The toolkit includes tools to implement a multifaceted suicide prevention program that responds to the needs and cultures of students.


Apple Health: Mindfulness

In this revamp, I chose the Apple Watch heart-rate aspect and combined it with the Mindfulness aspect to create a system that: is aware of your mental health history, combines your mental and physical health awareness together.


Vermicrop Organics Website Redesign

A website redesign for the company Vermicrop Organics. Their motto is: "it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle". At Vermicrop Organics that couldn’t be more true, their lives surround gardening, like their target audience. This redesign's main focus was to bring life to their brand and online presence. 

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The Meat Industry Video

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